PAIA Membership Regulations

  1. PAIA members are institutions and individuals.
  2. The partners of the agreement of September 26, 2018 are institutional members of PAIA, exempt from the membership fee.
  3. PAIA membership may be obtained by a person who meets the following conditions:
    • submitting a written application;
    • having legal capacity;
    • conducting scientific work or activities related to archaeology, culture and civilization of Greece;
    • payment of the membership fee.
  4. The amount of the membership fee, the types of membership and its duration are specified in Annex No. 1 to these Regulations.
  5. For important ethical or legal reasons, membership in PAIA may be withdrawn. The decision is made by the Director after consultation with the Council of Partners.
  6. Only PAIA Members may use accommodation at PAIA and other services related to conducting scientific or cultural activities in Greece.
  7. Using the library does not require PAIA membership.
  8. Membership also allows you to: apply for research permits to the Archaeological Service of Greece; candidacy for PAIA awards and, after completing the appropriate procedures at the Ministry of Culture, may result in receiving free entries to all museums and sites in Greece under the supervision of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Greece.
  9. Participants of excavations and other research projects that take place under the auspices of PAIA may apply for membership of PAIA on the same terms as members of the Agreement; in this case, written confirmation from the project manager is required.
  10. The amount of the membership fee for Institutions outside the Agreement for each subsequent calendar year is determined by the Director after consultation with the Council of Partners.
  11. Special conditions:
    1. membership must last at least as long as the project implemented at PAIA by a given Member,
    2. Members who have paid at least an annual fee may apply for an ID card entitling them to free entries to museums and archaeological sites,
    3. in order to receive an accounting note for the membership fee, please send proof of payment, information about the type of membership and the address or institution to which the note is to be issued to the Assistant Director at Poznań, Prof. Jakub Niebieszczański to the following address:

Annex No. 1

Tariff of individual membership fees

  1. Monthly (only for students and doctoral students ): PLN 100/50 (member from outside the Agreement/member from the Agreement)
  2. Annual: PLN 600/200 (member from outside the Agreement/member from the Agreement)
  3. 5-year: PLN 1,800/600 (member from outside the Agreement/member from the Agreement)