Lecture by prof. Rafał Eyeysmonta and prof. Agata Kubala in PAIA

On February 14, 2023, a lecture by Prof. Rafał Eyeysmont (University of Wrocław) titled: “Archaeology and other disciplines in the study of a medieval town in Silesia” took place at the PAIA headquarters, followed by an online presentation by Prof. Agata Kubala (University of Wrocław) titled: “Philhellenes in Nineteenth-Century Greece: The Case of Eduard Schaubert”. After the lectures, an interesting discussion took place at the PAIA headquarters, in which participated, among others, Prof. Krzysztof Nawotka, Dr. Jorgos Kardaras and representatives of the Polish diaspora, friends of Instytute, Edyta Kosiel-Evangelou and Anna Maria Leonhard.

photo: Beata Kukiel-Vraila