We start our website!

We welcome you to the website of the Polish Archaeological Institute at Athens. As well as the entire Institute – also the website is in its initial stage of activity, therefore it will be supplied successively with new information and data. Therefore we ask you for your patience and understanding. Currently our main objective is to finalize the procedure of purchasing the real estate for the Institute. At the moment we share the same address with the Canadian Institute in Greece, and we look forward that within short time the address is going to be our only. When it will happen, we are going to fill the website with information on our services and be able to think about the program of scientific meetings and organization of our library. As a beginners in terms of foreign schools in Greece, we currently don’t have any running fieldwork projects but we would like to inform that the Institute have submitted its first application to the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Republic of Greece in 2019.

We want to emphasize that the main aim of the Institute is to support any Polish archaeological research in Greece. Equally important for us is also the Greek-Polish cooperation understood as scientific, cultural and social collaboration. We invite all the institutions and Greek citizens that have any new ideas in this matter to cooperation. We look forward also to active participation of Polish institutions in Greece and Polish people living in Greece.