Another Summer School of the University of Wrocław in Athens

On September 11-22, 2023, the Polish Archaeological Institute at Athens had the pleasure of hosting once again the participants of the Summer School of the University of Wrocław. The lecturers were: Prof. Rafał Eysymontt, Prof. Mateusz Żmudziński and Ph.D. student Roksana Łajkosz. The organizer of the school was Prof. Agata Kubala. The project began with a lecture by Prof. Rafał Eysymontt on the history and spatial development of Athens, which took place in the PAIA library. The participants of the school were students of the Institute of Art History of the University of Wrocław. PAIA, as the host institution under the Erasmus+ program, provided all school participants with free admission to museums and archaeological sites in Greece, and also made its guest rooms and library available for meetings and lectures that took place during the educational project. Apart from visiting the most important places in Athens, the summer school participants also went to the island of Aegina and Piraeus.

Photo: Roksana Łajkosz, Beata Kukiel-Vraila